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Vehicle Wrap FAQ Houston Wraps | Houston Vehicle Wrap FAQ

Van Wraps Houston | Houston Truck Wraps | www.BAYOUGraphix.comHow much are vehicle wraps?

Full coverage wraps including the hood, sides and rear are usually less than $3000 – look for BAYOU Graphix specials and call us for specifics & volume discounts on pricing!

Do I have to wrap the whole vehicle?

We offer wraps at any size or amount of coverage on a vehicle.  Call Houston Wraps : BAYOU Graphix with questions.

How do I know what it will look like?

Our professional graphics team can help you design custom designs for your vehicle.  We will present your vehicle wrap design proof imposed over an image of your vehicle.  This gives you a good visual of what your vehicle will look like with the custom designer vehicle wrap for your business.

Can I see the design before I commit to buying?

Yes. For a small graphics design fee, you can consult our professional graphics designers to mock-up of one side of your wrap. We design, print and install with your specifications for your business.

How long does it take to wrap my vehicle?

Production times vary depending on our workload. The design process usually takes about one week. Printing, drying and laminating takes about three days. Installation usually takes approximately a day.

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How long will my wrap last?

Most vehicle wraps last at least three years. Some lifting in recessed areas and around edges may occur and can be expected on some areas of a vehicle. Hood prints normally last about three years. Sides and rear prints will normally last four to five years. Window prints normally last about two years.

Will the wrap damage my paint?

Vehicle wraps that are professionally installed normally do not damage paint and will actually protect the paint on many vehicles. We recommend to remove the wrap at about the three year point to update your design and minimize risks of damage to the paint.

Houston Vehicle Wrap FAQ